Erwan Puel -  French Chef  with over 15 years experience at the best restaurants and catering in France,

New York and London.

In the last 10 years Erwan was working at  “Brasserie Les Halles” in New York with chef  Anthony Bourdain, “Sketch” – London, and some of the best caterings in London.

Erwan now offers personal and private chef services for Private clients at their home. 


If you are planning a dinner party at home for your friend and family and you want to have great food and have the time to be the perfect host you can enjoy the services of your private chef.

For a Business Dinner  or a Cocktail Party, your private chef will impress your guests leaving you free and relaxed to enjoy the occasion.

For Anniversaries, Birthdays or any other events, your personal chef will take care of the shopping, menu design cooking and serving the perfect menu while you and you guests can enjoy gourmet food and the quality of fine dining at your table.

Your private chef is also experienced in kosher food and kosher cooking rules and experienced in working in kosher kitchens

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